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Lindy Hop - Beginners

Lindy Hop Beginners Series 1 (10 Classes)

Lindy Hop - Beginners Series 1 with Simon & Anna Selmon will build more variety in your dancing, expand your repertoire and develop your technique. Each class lasts about 12-20 minutes and normally mixes 3 or 4 moves together in different combinations for you to practice.

Class 1 Count Open Basic, American Spin, Change Places, Twist Around, Boogie Backs, Boogie Forward, Boogie Backs, Shorty George 

Class 2 Count Collect, Basic, Tuck Turn, 8 count Change Places and Reverse 2020-03-23

Class 3 Basic Charleston, Open Up, Basic Kick, Peel Away, Bees Knees, Collect 

Class 4 Count Basic, Tuck Turn Pull into Back Charleston, Push Out and Collect

Class 5 Count Follow in Front Reverse, Lead in Front Reverse, Circle

Class 6 Jig Walks variations, Lindy Circle

Class 7 Tuck Double Turn, Lindy Circle, Mooche

Class 8 Count Basic, Send Out, Collect, Tuck Turn, Change Places

Class 9 Lindy Turn Basic and Classic Styling

Class 10 Swing Out, Lindy Turn, Lindy Circle

Let's Lindy Hop! DVD

Learn twenty classic swing moves from this jazzy 1940's social dance that jumps, jitters and jives!


Download the full DVD, one section at a time or purchase a physical DVD!

Let's Lindy Hop with Simon Selmon & Rusty Frank
Simon Selmon (London, UK) began Lindy Hopping in 1986 and is one of the hardest working and most influential Swing dancers, teachers, choreographers and performers in the world of Lindy Hop. Former dance Champ and Judge, he has numerous film, television and media appearances to his credit. Simon is the master of making difficult things easy and has taught 10,000's to dance.

Rusty Frank (Hollywood, California) has been Lindy Hopping since 1996. She began Tap dancing at age six and went on to study and perform with many of Tap's luminaries. She has appeared in numerous shows, taught and Lindy around the world, is the author of "TAP!" The Greatest Tap Dance Stars and Their Stories". She owns and operates On Tap! And runs some of the longest running Lindy programs in Los Angeles today: Lindy by the Sea and Rusty's Rhythm Club.
All accompanied by The Bill Elliott Swing Orchestra, one of the hottest bands on the Lindy Hop scene today.

The Let's Lindy Hop DVD was originally two instructional videos that have since been transferred to a DVD and now digitalised for a modern audience.  However, you may notice the language used in teaching i.e. Ladies & Gents, He and She etc was the language used in classes when the video was made in the 1990s, which would be different from today where we use the terms Leaders and Followers.  As the filming was done in the 1990s, you may need to allow for its dated look but what's most important is the dance hasn't changed and this DVD will teach you everything you need to know to start you on your swing dance journey.  We have had lots of good feedback about the DVD from dance novices who haven't had many opportunities to take live lessons through to dance teachers who have found the techniques and teaching tips useful for their own classes.

What's on this DVD?

Section 1: 

  • Six-Beat Basic in Open Hold

  • Six-Beat Basic Close Hold

  • Return Changing Places

  • Turn The Lady Under

Section 2:

  • American or Push Spin

  • Free Spin From a Close Hold

  • Changing Places From Shaking Hands Position

Section 3:

  • The Wrap (Eight-Count)

  • Spanish Arms

  • Shoulder Slide

Section 4:

  • Jig Walks

  • Changing Places with Jig Walk Kicks

  • The Double Comb

  • Man's Comb

  • Lady's Comb

Section 5:

  • Texas Tommy or Arm Breaker

  • Lindy Turn (Eight-Count)

  • Lindy Turn with Styling

Section 6:

  • The Drop

  • Transfer Jump

  • Straddle with Pecks


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Let's Lindy Hop! Instructional DVD

Let's Lindy Hop! Instructional DVD