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On this page you will find a variety of classes in all levels.  Many of the videos are full length live Zoom classes from our weekly workshops and often include a short recap at the start of the video of the main material included in the class and we have also added our Let's Lindy Hop DVD in digital form.


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Lindy Hop Beginners - Series 1 (10 Classes)

Lindy Hop - Beginners Series 1 with Simon & Anna Selmon will build more variety in your dancing, expand your repertoire and develop your technique. Each class lasts about 12-20 minutes and normally mixes 3 or 4 moves together in different combinations for you to practice.

Class 1 6 Count Open Basic, American Spin, Change Places, Twist Around, Boogie Backs, Boogie Forward, Boogie Backs, Shorty George 

Class 2 6 Count Collect, Basic, Tuck Turn, 8 count Change Places and Reverse 2020-03-23

Class 3 Basic Charleston, Open Up, Basic Kick, Peel Away, Bees Knees, Collect 

Class 4 Count Basic, Tuck Turn Pull into Back Charleston, Push Out and Collect

Class 5 Count Follow in Front Reverse, Lead in Front Reverse, Circle

Class 6 Jig Walks variations, Lindy Circle

Class 7 Tuck Double Turn, Lindy Circle, Mooche

Class 8 Count Basic, Send Out, Collect, Tuck Turn, Change Places

Class 9 Lindy Turn Basic and Classic Styling

Class 10 Swing Out, Lindy Turn, Lindy Circle