Balboa / Bal - Swing 1-3 Instructional DVD#3

Balboa / Bal - Swing 1-3 Instructional DVD
Teachers: Marcus and Barbl
Length: 290 min

Balboa/Bal-Swing 1(63 min)
Balboa/Bal-Swing 2(56 min)
Balboa/Bal-Swing 3 (83 min)
Jams/Demos(23 min)
Interviews with original dancers(50 min) (John & Anne Mills, Willie Desatoff, Hal Takier, Jean Veloz, Bart Bartolo, and Roy Damron)


Balboa was very popular among the College Kids and the sophisticated dancers in the mid 30s and is now extremely popular once again. Originally Balboa was a closed position swing form with intricate footwork predominantly based on 8-count patterns. But when the hot Swing music really hit the scene some of the younger dancers like Maxie Dorf and Lolly Wise added break-aways and swing turns to the Balboa, which nowadays is often referred to as Bal-Swing. Balboa can be danced to any speed of music, from slow songs at 120 beats/min. till very fast ones at 300 beats/min. Pure Balboa is probably the easiest way to dance to fast swing music, enjoy it, and look good.

This DVD doesn’t require any experience in Balboa. You will first learn the most typical steps and principles that form the character of Balboa. Every step is broken down and well explained to make you feel comfortable on the dance floor, and to have fun. Building on that foundation you will learn more footwork variations and patterns to get a deeper insight into Balboa. This instructional video contains 50 (!) different steps. Cool and fancy footwork will put you in the position to play more with the music and will make your Balboa very attractive.

This DVD is a three title set with a lot of great bonus material. The content is the content of the three Balboa VHS videos plus an extended documentary and extra performances/demos.

Content Balboa/Bal-Swing 1

One-Step ++ Basic ++ Crab Walks ++ Crabs On 3 & 7 ++ Paddles ++ Transition ++ Cross Breaks (He/She Crosses) ++ Come Around ++ Swing Step (Lolly Kicks) ++ Swing In A Circle ++ Inside Turn ++ Reverse Turn ++ Adlibs ++ Double Time ++ Shuffle

Content Balboa/Bal-Swing 2

Long Beach Basic ++ Swivels ++ Maxie’s Stop Step ++ Both Cross Break ++ Salsa Break ++ Johnny‘s Drop ++ Transition + Slide ++ Multiple Turns ++ Inside Pop Turn ++ Outside Turn ++ Jason‘s Favorite ++ Fan Step ++ Triple Time Basic ++ Slide Boy ++ Slide Girl ++ Slide Both

Content Balboa/Bal-Swing 3

Apache ++ Snap Turn ++ Combination ++ The Dream ++ Ed’s Hangman ++ Bart Leg ++ Hal‘s Roll ++ Maxie‘s Slide ++ Marcus‘ Slide ++ Beach Turn ++ Cuddle (Fred) ++ Ray Hirsch ++ Scotty‘s Drag ++ Ducking Turn ++ Bal-Whip ++ Dizzy ++ Super Dizzy ++ Double Kicks ++ Jig Trot


Disc format: DVD-9

Regional Code: 0

Video Standard: NTSC

Picture Format 4:3 (widescreen bars)

Sound: Stereo

Language: English

Subtitle: German

Balboa / Bal - Swing 1-3 Instructional DVD#3


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