Boogie Woogie 2 Instructional DVD#7

Boogie Woogie 2 Instructional DVD
Marcus and Barbl
Level: Intermediate
Length: 151 min



Today, Boogie Woogie is danced both socially an in competitions mainly to original music of the late 40s and 50s (e.g. Boogie Woogie, Rhythm ‘n’ Blues, Rock ‘n’ Roll, Rockabilly). This hot and happy music lets the Boogie feet fly and the dancers smile. Boogie Woogie is rich in unique steps and moves that have inspired many dancers and have been adopted in many other swing styles.


Boogie Woogie 2 is addressed to the intermediate Boogie Woogie dancers, who know their basics, but want to learn more. This instructional video offers a lot of material and technique to improve the dancing and to increase the dance vocabulary.

Every step is broken down and well explained. Marcus & Bärbl emphasize lead and follow for each step and demonstrate them to music of different speeds. Additionally most demonstrations can be watched from a different angle.

As a special bonus there is a Jam of top Boogie Woogie dancers and Champions recorded at many different places around the world.


The DVD contains over 35 moves organized in 6 sections and a bonus section:

Basic Review ++ Intro ++ Counting The Steps ++ Basic Variations ++ Sweet Spot

Section 1 (Classic Moves):
Elbow Stop ++ Simple Lasso ++ One-Hand Flirt ++ Jojo With A Catch ++ Roll-In & Catch ++ Rubber Legs w/ Diver ++ Kick Skips

Section 2 (Changing Places):
She Turns He Turns ++ She Turns Right ++ Pass w/ Free Spin ++ Both Hands Crossed ++ Shake Hands – He Turns Right ++ Change Hands Behind The Back ++ Making Up New Variations ++ Under The Leg

Section 3 (Turn Variations):
Right & Left Turns Behind The Back++ Leading Turns w/ Different Body Parts ++ Corkscrew w/ Variations ++ Corkscrew & Sit

Section 4 (Cool & Crazy Stuff):
The Patrick ++ Twist Jumps ++ Switch Kicks ++ Twist Around ++ Popo Bump & Shock Clap ++ Kick & Cross Over

Section 5 (Stops & Breaks):
Breakin’ The Basic Step ++ Breakin’ The Dancing ++ Stops During Changing Places ++ Breakin’ w/ A Sit

Bonus Section (Dips & Tricks):
Tango Variations ++ Tango Drag ++ Push Away & Drop ++ Throw Out


Disc format: DVD-9

Regional Code: 0

Video Standard: NTSC

Picture Format 4:3 (widescreen bars)

Sound: Stereo

Language: English

Subtitle: German

Boogie Woogie 2 Instructional DVD#7

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