Charleston 2 Instructional DVD#13

Charleston 2 Instructional DVD
Teachers: Marcus and Barbl
Level: Intermediate & Advanced
Length: 144 min


Marcus & Bärbl continue in this DVD to teach you more fun and crazy Charleston steps for Lindy Hop. To benefit from these moves you should have a foundation in Lindy Hop and basic knowledge of Charleston steps in Lindy Hop. As a bonus you can see Marcus & Bärbl jamming with other great swing dancers and a trailer a of the famous Rock That Swing Festival in Munich run by Marcus & Bärbl

A Closer Look At The Basic + Basic Charleston in Closed Position + Basic Charleston Inside Kicks + Side By Side Charleston With Outside Turn

Side By Side Charleston With Inside Turn + Playing With Turns + Send Out Charleston + Send Out Charleston With Turns

Hand To Hand Charleston + Passing From Hand To Hand +
Hand To Hand Into Back Charleston + Hand To Hand With A Turn

Hand To Hand With An Underarm Turn + Inside Kicks Into Hand To Hand Charleston + Back Charleston With Under Arm Turn

Push Out From Back Charleston + Back Charleston Into Hand To Hand + Spinning Tandem Charleston + Cross Over & Grapevine in Back Charleston

Skip Ups + Closed Position + The Bunny Hop + Turn Around Back Charleston + Sailor Step + Sailor Step Exit Variation

Savoy Kicks + Savoy Kicks With Skip Ups & Lock Turn + Savoy Kicks in Back Charleston + Savoy Kicks In Side By Side + 10-Count Savoy Kick + Grand Finale


Disc format: DVD-9

Regional Code: 0

Video Standard: NTSC

Picture Format 4:3 (widescreen bars)

Sound: Stereo

Language: English

Subtitle: German

Charleston 2 Instructional DVD#13


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