Collegiate Shag 1 & 2 Instructional DVD#1

Collegiate Shag 1&2 Instructional DVD
Length:183 min
Teachers: Marcus and Barbl


This DVD holds the two VHS titles Collegiate Shag 1 & Collegiate Shag 2.

You don't need to have any experience in Shag dancing. Collegiate Shag 1 starts right at the beginning and builds up to an intermediate level. You will learn the most typical steps that form the character of Shag and obtain a large enough collection of moves so you won't get bored doing the basic over and over.


Collegiate Shag 2 builds upon the material of Collegiate Shag 1. You will learn more footwork variations and more patterns to have more variety and more fun dancing Shag. Let Marcus & Bärbl show you that there is much more to Shag than first meets the eye.

Marcus & Bärbl also set great store by getting you a good foundation and feeling for the dance. Every step is broken down and well explained. Marcus & Bärbl emphasize lead and follow for each step. With this video, you can understand the dance and feel comfortable on the dance floor.


Content Collegiate Shag 1:
Hop Basic ++ Turning & Traveling ++ Zig Zag ++ Chug Basic ++ Cuddle ++ Open Position ++ Truckin’ ++ Separation Turn ++ Show Your Socks ++ Break To Front ++ Break To Side ++Kick Basic ++ Opposite Cross Kicks ++ Double Hand Hold ++ Cuddle w/ Kicks ++ Traveling w/ Kicks ++ Shag Kicks ++ Camel Kicks ++ Separation w/ Camel Kicks, ++ Skater Knot Front ++ Skater Knot Back ++ Sliding Door ++
Single Turn ++ Single Turn w/ Travel ++ Changing Places Variations ++ Organ Grinder’s Swing ++ Moon Basic ++ Propeller Basic

Content Collegiate Shag 2:
Double Shag Kicks ++ Multiple Shag Kicks ++ Connie Kicks ++ WOS Kicks ++ Cuddle & Flip ++ Run Around & Cut Off ++ Rotation Turn Left & Right ++ Rotation Turn Right ++ Scorpion ++ Hand To Hand Shag Kicks ++ Hand To Hand Shag Kicks w/ Twist ++ Kick Away ++
Click Basic ++ Click Break ++ Heels Up Break ++ Collegiate Basic / Triple Basic ++ Sailor Basic ++ Sailor Basic In Dancing ++ Camel Hops ++ Skippies ++ Jumping Jacks (Hampelmann) ++ Hop Scotch ++ Chugs ++ Chug Turns ++ Hip To Hip Breaks ++ Break To Open Pos ++
Mixed Breaks ++ Lunges & Pecking

Extras: Interview and Jams


Disc format: DVD-9

Regional Code: 0

Video Standard: NTSC

Picture Format 4:3 (widescreen bars)

Sound: Stereo

Language: English

Subtitle: German

Collegiate Shag 1 & 2 Instructional DVD#1


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