Hollywood Style 1 Instructional DVD#15

Hollywood Style 1 Instructional DVD
Teachers: Marcus and Barbl
Level: Intermediate & Advanced
Length: 177min

Hollywood Style is a recent name for a great original style of Lindy Hop that was danced in many Hollywood movies of the 40s and 50s. It was introduced by Dean Collins on the West Coast around 1938. Dean learned to Lindy Hop at Harlem's Savoy Ballroom and created a distinctive and attractive style, which blossomed when he started dancing with Jewel McGowan. Dean and Jewel along with many other dancers performed this smooth, stylish, and energetic version in many movies significantly influencing swing dancing back then and now. Hot swiveling girls and swing music created a recipe that's hard to resist.

The DVD doesn't require any prior swing dance experience. It starts from the beginning and continues into intermediate level. You will learn the typical steps that form the character of Hollywood Style. Marcus & Bärbl present a solid foundation and give you a feeling for the dance. They break down every step and emphasize lead and follow. With this DVD you can understand the basics of the dance and feel comfortable on the dance floor. All of the steps in the World of Swing series are demonstrated to great music that makes your feet wanna move.

As a special bonus you can see a Jam of top Boogie Woogie dancers and Champions recorded at many different places around the world plus a trailer and the teachers' jam of the famous Rock That Swing Festival in Munich run by Marcus & Bärbl


Balance + Connection + 6-Count Basic + Send Out + Starting To Dance + Sugar Push + Sugar Push Turn + Walk Through + Pull To Closed
8-Count Basic + Circle On The Spot + Whip To Open + Whip With a Twist + Circle + Whip + Inside Turn + Whip & Release + Outside Turn
Quick Stop + Texas Tommy + Inside Whip + Sioux + Pull Through & Pull Back + Butt Roll + Jig Walks + Sugar Push Stop Turn + Sling Shot
Switches + Rhythm Turn + Saucy Kicks + Free Spin + Hal


Disc format: DVD-9

Regional Code: 0

Video Standard: NTSC

Picture Format 4:3 (widescreen bars)

Sound: Stereo

Language: English

Subtitle: German

Hollywood Style 1 Instructional DVD#15


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