Hollywood Style 2 Instructional DVD#16

Hollywood Style 2 Instructional DVD
Teachers: Marcus and Barbl
Level: Intermediate & Advanced
Length: 119min


What is Hollywood Style?

The content of this DVD is identically equal to the famous video WOS VHS #4 “Advanced Hollywood Style”. If you are new to Hollywood Style Lindy Hop we recommend you start with “Hollywood Style #1” and then learn these more advanced variations.


On this DVD Marcus & Bärbl build upon your solid foundation and give you a deeper feeling for the dance. You will learn more of the classic steps and their variations that form the character of Hollywood Style. With this DVD, you can move beyond the basics of the dance and truly shine on the dance floor. Every step is broken down and explained. Marcus & Bärbl also emphasize lead and follow for each step.


Sugar Push Drop ++ Sugar Push Lean ++ Sugar Push Slides

Whip Styling ++ Over Rotating Whip ++ Flying Lindy ++ Flying Lindy With Double Kicks ++ 3-Wall-Lindy

Quick Stop On 6 ++ Jean's Quick Stop ++ Quick Stop From Sugar Push ++ Texas Tommy And Freeze

Hand Whip ++ Fencing Push ++ Toe Heel Twist ++ Dean’s Cradle
Twist Break ++ Free Spin ++ Double Rhythm Turn ++ Rhythm Circle With Skips ++ Moon Slide With Extra Spin ++ Cross Slide ++ Back Slide

Whip To Side By Side & Spin ++ Savoy Kicks ++ BelKoch Ending ++ Gil's Slip


Disc format: DVD-9

Regional Code: 0

Video Standard: NTSC

Picture Format 4:3 (widescreen bars)

Sound: Stereo

Language: English

Subtitle: German

Hollywood Style 2 Instructional DVD#16


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