Ever get frustrated with your website? The Lindy Hop Shop gets a makeover.

September 17, 2018

Ever get frustrated with the back end of a website? We regularly did, and for many business owners both small and large (you only have to read the news about the NHS or British Airways), it can be a nightmare. Our Lindy Hop Shop store would at regular intervals decide it couldn’t calculate postage, wouldn’t give us the flexibility of design we wanted or just stopped working which meant no orders coming in. We would constantly be writing to the support team asking for advice only to be given an unintelligible and complicated answer (although they could help us for an extra charge).

Well, after several years of frustration, we decided to bite the bullet and look for something new. Where to start? Find a shopping cart software, find a designer, spend many hours and lots of money?  We started looking at what was out there. Building a website code by code is not for me – you are looking at somebody who can’t fix a car, put up a shelf or read a technical manual! 

After much research, we discovered that times had moved on and there were now companies who give small businesses like The Lindy Hop Shop (people like me) the technology and designing skills to build a site the way they want it, taking it from conception to finished project without going through cryptic coding or unnecessarily complicated options. I am now the proud owner of a brand-new website which I built myself. Ok, strictly speaking that’s not completely true, I did it with my assistant Linzi who did all the hard work. However, neither of us had ever designed a website before, and if you had told me a few years ago we could do it without having to hire a professional designer or computer geek, which neither of us are, I would have given you one of those raised eyebrow looks, but we did it! 


 From start to finish, it took us just over two weeks, and we are both feeling pretty smug with ourselves. We have also had the end result backed up by many of you with both positive feedback about the new look and ease of function, and importantly those online orders are coming through. 

So how did we do it? Having shopped around online, I ended up at Wix.com. They advertised beautiful websites and easy to use drop & drag tools with 100s of templates and oh boy, what a good decision! They really did live up to their adverts. We found them user-friendly, with intuitive packages that even I could follow. We found everything we wanted including back end SEO that as end users we would never have thought about. Have a look at www.lindyhopshop.co.uk and tell us what you think. We are really happy with our new site.


OK we did have to (or at least Linzi did) troll through loads of templates and occasionally we did get stuck, but as with most things these days ‘there’s a YouTube clip for that’. I know I’m beginning to sound a bit like an advert now but finally, after years of searching, I found a product that delivered what it promised and I am so happy with the end result that I was inspired to write this blog to tell you about it.


Ok, full disclosure, I liked this product so much I have joined their affiliate scheme, so if you are thinking about building a website there is a link below, take a look!  But whether you go through our link or not – I like ‘em and am happy to give them a thumbs up!

Try Wix.com today!




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