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Class Video Contents

Welcome to Class Video Contents! On this page, you have a list of all class videos and what's included in them.  Each section is colour coordinated, as below.



Beginners Lindy Hop

Lindy Hop - Beginners Series 1 (10 Classes)

Lindy Hop - Beginners Series 2 (10 Classes)

Let's Lindy Hop - Beginners Series (10 Classes)

Intermediate Lindy Hop

Lindy Hop - Intermediate Series 1 (10 Classes)

Lindy Hop - Intermediate Series 2 (10 Classes)

Brush Up Your Lindy (15 Classes)

Spotlight On...

Footwork Drills & Routines

Let's Lindy Hop - Intermediate Series

Solo Jazz & Charleston

ABC of Jazz - a Beginners Guide to Jazz (50 Classes)

Jazz It Up! Solo Jazz & Charleston for Intermediate Dancers (62 Classes)

Big Apple Contest (6 Classes)

Tranky Doo (4 Classes)

Dean Collins Shim Sham (4 Classes)

Charleston (4 Classes)

Jazzolations (52 Classes)

Partnered Charleston Classes (2 Classes)

Blues Classes (16 Classes)

Balboa (12 Classes)

Shag Classes (1 Classes)

Novelty Dance Classes (3 Classes)

5-a-Day Swing (9 Classes)

Simon's 30 Day Challenge (30 Classes)

Mind, Body, Swing (26 Classes)

A Workout for Mind & Feet

Guest Teacher Videos (1 Class)

Video Resources - Non-Dance Videos (2 Classes)

 Beginners Lindy Hop 
Beginers Lindy Hop
Intermediate Lindy Hop
 Intermediate Lindy Hop 
Solo Jazz & Charleston
 Solo Jazz & Charleston 
Partnered Charleston
 Partnered Charleston 
 Blues Classes 
 Balboa Classes
 Shag Classes 
 Novelty Dance Classes 
Mind Body Swing
 Mind Body Swing 
 A Workout for Mind & Feet
Guest Teachers
 Guest Teacher Classes 
Video Resources
 Video Resources (Non-Dance Videos) 
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