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Learn to Swing Dance

Proudly awarded *Best Online Swing Dance Course Company 2023 - London* Southern Enterprise Awards 2023


Become a SwingdanceUK member and enjoy access to hundreds of hours of Swing dance classes, Simon's Swing Notes articles, monthly perks and be part of a growing community of Swing dance lovers!


Learn to Swing dance from the comfort and convenience of your own home with our one-off payment individual Swing dance courses & routines! 


In-person classes, workshops & special events with SwingdanceUK - the UK's longest running swing dance club!

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12 Days of Charleston

Set aside approx 12 minutes each day for 12 days for a fun Charleston class! Learn a few steps and easy to follow variations daily.  Whilst each class can be taken individually, put them all together and hey presto! you have a full routine! A great way to start the day energised, close the day with some fun me-time, or take a reviving break any time in-between!

Simon Selmon & Anna Lambrechts Swing Out

 Welcome to your resource for learning to Swing dance!

Learn to Swing dance online! Classes for complete beginners to those with experience.

Learn on your own or with a friend all from the convenience of your own home

or wherever you have internet connection, available 24/7. Online courses in ​

Lindy Hop, Solo Jazz, Charleston, Blues, Balboa, Frankie Manning's Big Apple Contest,

Dean Collins Shim Sham, Tranky Doo & more!

Led by Simon Selmon of SwingdanceUK who met & learnt directly from many original dancers from the 30s-50s and has been successfully teaching Swing dance since 1986! 

"Solid technique and good principles are your foundation to years & years of FUN on the dance floor. Learn fast, learn right!"  SwingdanceUK's goal is to make you comfortable on the social dance floor - you won't just learn patterns, you will learn how to dance!

Become a member or purchase individual courses to start your Swing dance journey today!

Classes include:

Lindy Hop - all you need to learn to Lindy Hop! Beginners & Intermediate classes.

Jazz & Charleston - build your jazz step repertoire and learn classic routines including Big Apple Contest, Trunky Do & Dean Collins Shim Sham plus SwingdanceUK's popular ABC of Jazz, Jazz It Up & 12 Days of Charleston!

Balboa - This beautiful 30s dance will spice up your footwork and give you more flexibility to cope with any music. 

Blues - Find your spirit. Learn to move and express yourself and take that feeling into all your dancing.  


I just wanted to say how much I’m enjoying the Webb membership. It’s opened a new Swing World for me! It’s lovely being able to dip in and out and there’s so much choice and variety. Being able to really learn a routine properly and going back over tricky parts is invaluable.


SwingdanceUK has been a great addition to my dance practice. It was perfect and exactly what I needed for both solo practice and with a partner. Lots of ways for beginners to start and enough to keep regulars challenged. Highly recommend for anyone looking for home practice.


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Learn to swing dance from the comfort and convenience of your own home! 

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Instructional DVDs

Learn to dance in your own home with these instructional dance DVDs

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